Who We Are

We are a South African based media and digital advertising company. We place our digital screens in strategic places with high traffic volumes to give our clients the best possible exposure. We have many years of digital advertising, marketing, public relations and sales experience. We are a modern company with old school values giving our clients the best possible experience.

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What We Do

Designing & Producing Cost Effective World Class Projects

Digital Advertising Screens

Times are changing and digital advertising is on the rise, IronPig Media gives any size company the opportunity to showcase their product creatively to the world by creating and assisting any company with designing and producing cost effective world class projects to advertise in high volume areas.

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In the modern world where information is available immediately we assist and empower the workforce by sharing information with them from live sales targets, important health and safety information or the latest news from the world’s leading news agencies, we can do it all.

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IronPig Media provides complete solutions to the hospitality industry from digital menus, advertising in bars / casinos, daily deals or special offerings making the solution effective and efficient. In the event of an emergency digital notices with valuable information to clientele / staff can be updated accordingly.

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We deliver expertise you can trust.

Ironpig Media can assist at any stage of any marketing project and will provide your company with a complete digital advertising and communication solutions by producing world class videos, audio and static advertising and communication material.

We place anything from 40 inch screens to massive roadside digital screens in strategic high traffic volume areas maximizing exposure for our clients.

Our effective state of the art digital media platform not only makes us world leaders in digital screen advertising and communications but we can also assist with any social media, public relations or sales assistance solutions you might require.

IronPig Media – Connecting you with the world.


The advertising and communications world is changing, let us provide a platform for you and your business and connect you with the world.

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